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 GideonTech Distributed Computing
--'s Distributed Computing

   With so many GHz being run by so many online users, why not put your idle cycles to work?  Numerous projects using the internet to do distributed computing have sprung up, from encryption cracking to the search for Alien life forms.

   Members of each distributed effort is suggested to download their specific client.  The client runs in the background and only uses your CPU cycles when it is idle.  It shuts itself off as soon as the CPU is needed.  Work units are downloaded, completed and uploaded back to the server all in the background.  So why waste your idle time! Along with winning some good cash, you might as well help out in the cause. is currently partaking in the RC5 cracking competition put together by  To join us in the fun, you need to download the Client and join the team.  It will run in the background with just a few minor configurations.  For a full FAQ on what this process embarks on, please visit Distributed's very own FAQ.

   Here is a little guide tell help all of you out there that want to crack for the GT RC5 team.

Downloading the client:

Go to's Download Section and select the client that is right for your platform.  I will assume you will be using windows and an x86 CPU. 

Installing the client:

The installer way: Double click on the installer, point the installer where on your hard drive you want to install the client.  Select the files you want it to install, I usually leave out the screen saver multiplexor.

   The next screen asks if you want to place a short cut so it starts up every time you reboot, I just leave everything, as is, however you may not want it always running.

   After that the installer has all it needs to know and will install Distributed.netís client on your comp.  After it installs you will be asked if you want to do 3 things.

   If you want to view the online help document you can but since you have an expert telling what to do it probably wonít do you any good. :)  Go ahead and click the next button.

   The zip way:  Extract the zip to the folder that you want to run RC-5 from.  Run Dnetc.exe.  You might also want to put a shortcut to Dnetc.exe in your startup and are your desktop/quick launch bar.

Configuring the Client:  Whether you choose to use the installer or zip we should be on the same page right now, looking at this screen.

   Push 1 then enter on your keyboard.

   Push 1 then enter again.

   Enter in the email that you want to use.

   Hit 0 then enter to go back to the main menu.  Push 2 then enter.  This will take you to the buffer options menu.

   Now push 9 then enter.  Change DES,CSC,OGR,RC5  to DES=0,CSC=0,OGR=0,RC5.  What this does is force your client to download and crunch RC-5 packets only.

   You should now be back at the buffer menu.  If you want you can configure your client to download enough packets that it will take about to crunch through them all (option 14).  I usually set this option to about 6 hours.  But you can do more or less or just leave it alone. 

   For those of you with dail-up connections you can configure the client to only get and send packets when it detects an Internet connection. To do this make sure you are in the buffers options menu and press 6, Keyserver<->client connectivity options.

   Now select option 7, Dialup-link detection.  Choose the option that you want the client to do. (I had my client do option 2).  Now select option 0 to return to the buffers option menu. 

Now select option 0 again to return to the main menu.

Then select option 0 again to save the settings and have the client start crunching packets.

Your client is now configured to run rc-5.

Joining the GideonTech RC-5 Team: After you have been crunching packets for 2-3 days, you should be able to find your email address in the Statistic Server.  It should bring up either your stats page or a list of users with similar email address.  When youíre at your stats page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see a button that says email me my password.  Click it.  Wait about 30 sec then go check your email.  Next go to the GideonTech stats page, either search for it or follow this Link.  When you're at the RC-5 teams stats, scroll down till you see this link I want to join this team! and click it.  It will ask you for your username and password.  Your user name is your email address, and your password is the password that they sent you in the mail.  After you enter that info in and click ok, you have joined the Gideontech team.  Welcome Aboard!

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