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-- Boston Acoustics BA7500 Digital Speakers
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2002-02-15
-- Price: ~ $299.00 USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ]
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For my trials, I used my Alienware Aurora system, equipped with an Aureal Vortex AU8830 4-Channel sound card. Following the instructions for setup was a snap. I thank Boston Acoustics for, unlike many other speaker companies, providing very detailed instructions along with color coded plugs. Although the setup was easy, that doesn't necessarily mean that it was clean. The speakers basically work like this- the two rear speakers connect to one line via y-connector. That then runs to the rear of the sub. Then two front speakers connect to the sub through their own separate cables. Then a input panel, better known as the volume control is placed under one of the front channel speakers (they suggested the right), and then that is connected to the sub also. Then depending on your sound cards/DVD decoders configuration one or two cables can run to the back of your PC. In other words, the back of the sub looks like a tower, and a messy one at that.

I tested the system mainly in Quake III. In Quake the system sounded great in every way, except it lacked the deep bass that Promedia featured. The treble is absolutely amazing though. It was so crisp and clear. Every bullet ricochet sounded awesome, they just had a certain "twang" to them. Personally, I think it's the best sounding treble on any PC sound system I've heard. Now, the down side I found about the set was the lack of the deeper, harder-hitting bass. The rockets and plasma shots just seemed to lack the certain something. To even this out, I attempted turning the bass all the way up, but this resulted in a droning type sound, which was just a fluctuating deep bass noise.

Like my gaming experience, I noticed the same thing with music. The treble was excellent, yet still lacked bass. I adjusted the equalizer instead of messing with the subwoofer controls, but I still found the same deep drone, I found this odd because the frequency response claimed to be 45Hz-20KHz, while this was not shown to be true in my tests.

After my test runs, I was curious to see the inside of the sub. After what seemed like an hour I had all 23 screws removed from the back... only to find I only needed to remove 12, anyway, I opened up the back and was surprised to see how large the sub speaker really was. Honestly, I expected to se something much smaller.

Aside from what many people think, the four satellites are not flat panel, and Boston Acoustics never claimed so. According to everything I have read, they feature something called SST, standing for Slim line Speaker Technology. This means, they are not "flat" like the Monsoons but are "slimmer" than the normal, average desktop speakers. As for the speakers them selves, and what they feature, I both compliment and criticize. Versus other PC speakers the BA7500 are the absolute best speakers you can buy, except for the sets that are a home theater / PC system combination. The satellites, and the pieces that go with them just seem wrong. BA includes wall mounting holes on the back of the speakers, which in my opinion are very impractical. They also included tripod stand that are the biggest pieces of junk in the world. These things are made up of three legs, and a tiny plastic pipe with three slits in the bottom for the legs. With the speakers mounted, these things are so insanely top-heavy that, if just tapped by you hand, or chair they come crashing over. After about ten spills already , I've noticed white stress points in the pipe where the legs were snapped out.

Well, most of the defects with the BA, besides the lacking bass, which I have to say, after talking to several members of the staff they've claimed the bass was perfect. These members, unlike me who is into more alternative rock, are into trance and techno. This type of music usually is more high pitched, which requires little bass, and benefits from the BA's awesome sounding treble. Anyway, as I was saying, the majority of the BA7500's defects are physical. The sound is clean, crisp, loud, and overall near-perfect. At a price of $299.00 these are in a range of their own. Not many PC speaker systems are this expensive, and if cheaper, usually are just mediocre sounding. In my searches I've only ran across the Klipsch Promedia v.2 -400, and MidiLand's S4-8200 and S4-7100 Plus. I say the Boston Acoustics BA7500 is a great competitor to these sets, but lacks something. Stated simply, I think that these are not the best $300, 4-Channel speakers out, but I do think that they have noted their faults and fixed it with the DPS5.1, which I think we will be taking for a test in the near future.

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