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-- Samsung SpinPoint SV1204H
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2002-05-24
-- Price: ~ $120.00 USD
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  A few months ago we reviewed the Samsung SP8004H Hard Drive and where pleasantly surprised when it was one of the fastest hard drives we have tested.  So when Samsung offered us a chance to review the SV1204H we jumped at the opportunity.


  The SV1204H is the largest capacity model of Samsungs newest line of value hard-drives the V60 series.   The V60 series of hard drives are limited to 5400 rpm spindle speed, but utilizes a micro-processor that has a Dual DSP (Digital Signal Processor) function and improves data processing capacity drastically, through parallel processing of HDD data and Servo signal.  The V60 series of hard-drive also incorperates Samsungs NoiseGuard¢âAcoustic Noise Suppression Technology and their SilentSeek¢â Technology to silence their hard drives.  

Since most of the noise is generated from the motor and the sensor, Samsung has targeted these two areas to work on, when implementing its NoiseGuard¢â technology.  Here's a picture of what they use to calculate noise:

Pic Copyright Samsung

  This information in regards to noise levels helped Samsung to move ahead and include NoiseGuard.  What it really is, is replacement of material that makes up the hard drive.  Different materials were used until the best noise absorbing was found.  This included the motor and also the hard drive cover.  Find out more about it at the Samsung Website.

Key Features:

  •  60 GB Platter  
  • 120.0GB Formatted Capacity  
  • Dual DSP (Digital Signal Processor)  
  • Ultra DMA 100 Support  
  • 5,400 rpm Spindle Speed  
  • 8.9 ms Average Seek Time.  
  • S.M.A.R.T. Compliant  
  • ImpacGuard¢â  
  • NoiseGuard¢â  
  • SilentSeek¢â

Technical Specs:

Drive Configuration Capacity 120.0GB
Disks 2
Heads 4
Interface Ultra ATA100
Buffer Size 2 Mbytes
Performance Specification Read Seek Time
Track to Track 0.8 ms
Average 8.9 ms
Full Stroke 17.5 ms
Average Latency 5.56 ms
Rotational Speed 5,400 rpm
Data Transfer Rate  
Media to/from Buffer (max.) 498 Mbits/sec
Buffer to/from Host (max.) 100 MB/sec
Reliability Specification Non-recoverable Read Error 1 sector in 10 14 bits
MTBF 500,000 POH
Start/Stop Cycles (Ambient) 50,000
Component Design Life 5 years
(Average Sound Power)
Idle 2.9 Bels
Random Read/Write 3.1 Bels
Environmental Specification Temperature  
Operating 5 ~ 55¢ªC
Non-operating -40 ~ 70¢ªC
Thermal Gradient (max.) 20¢ªC/hr
Humidity (non-condensing)  
     Operating 5 ~ 90 %
     Non-operating 5 ~ 95 %
Linear Shock
(1/2 sine pulse)
   Operating, 2ms 63 G
   Non-operating, 2ms 350 G
Vibration (swept sine, 1 octave per minute)20  
  Linear Shock (1/2 sine pulse)  
       5 ~ 21 Hz 0.034¡± (double amplitude)
       22 ~ 300 Hz 1.5 Gp-p
      5 ~ 21 Hz 0.195¡± (double amplitude)
     22 ~ 500 Hz 8 Gp-p
Altitude (relative to sea level)  
   Operating -650 to 10,000 feet
   Non-operating -1,000 to 40,000 feet
Power Requirements Voltage +5V¡¾5%, +12V¡¾10%
Spin Up Current (max.) 750/1800 mA
Seek (typical) 6.0 W
Read/Write (typical) 4.5 W
Idle (typical) 4.5 W
Standby (typical) 1.0 W
Sleep (typical) 1.0 W
Physical Dimension Height 1 inch
Width 4 inches
Depth 5.75 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds

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