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-- Color Cases Stealth-X Case
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2002-11-05
-- Price: ~ $49.00 USD
-- Pages: 1 2 3 [ 4 ]
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We tested this case with our standard test rig seen in pretty much most of our other reviews.  Utilizing an Epox 8K7A+, AMD Tbird 1.4Ghz, Globalwin TAC cooler and a eVGA GF2 MX 32MB video card.   For this case, we used a 300W Powerman power supply.  Installation is standard fair, the screw holes are a bit rough but nothing a good screwdriver and elbow grease can not solve.

Once the test rig was up, we did a few test with the CPU and case temperature.  Room temperature was kept at a comfortable 27C.  To get things going, we ran a few loops of 3DMark2k1 SE and a few games of Counter Strike.  The case got warm to the touch at this point.  Not too alarming, happens with other steel cases.  CPU temperatures reached about 46C at idle while hitting about 49C at full load.  Case temperatures hovered around 42C or so throughout.

Overall, the case design is unique although there are more and more manufacturers coming out with X style windows.  There are a few quirks as noted through the review.  Hopefully if these are looked over and fixed this case should fair better in scoring.

Thanks to Color Cases for sending over the sample for this review.


  • Solid steel, sturdy
  • Thumb screw panels
  • Front USB ability
  • Pre-cut window
  • Screwless drive cages


  • Window is not fully secure
  • No fans included
  • Front USB panel does not slide down easily
  • Front USB cables are not labeled individually
  • Some edges are not finished
  • No slide out motherboard tray

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