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-- Caffeine Showdown
-- Category: Tech Bits
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-09-25
-- Price: ~ $varies USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ] 3
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Before we dive into the drinks letís look at the other forms of caffeine that Xoxide.com has supplied to me.

Diablo Ice:

Out of all of the caffeine I have received, the one that stuck out and needed to be tried right away was the Diablo Ice strips. The setup of the strips is a lot like the Listerine mouth wash strips. Set it on your tongue and it dissolves in your mouth. The Diablo Ice strips are about as thick as Listerine strips. They are cinnamon flavored but do carry a bit of a mouthwash taste with them. The package comes with 18 strips and recommends that you donít eat more than 18 in a day. These strips are sugar free and calorie free but do not list on the package of how much caffeine is in one strip.

Foosh Mint:

This can been considered an after lunch breath mint with a boost for the late day work load. It does have a strong mint flavor, but not overwhelming like Altoids mints. One mint has the same caffeine level as a cup of coffee. The mints do have levels of Taurine and Ginseng as well, but they are not listed on the package. Sugar in the Foosh mints is the highest at 5g.

On one side you have their name and the other you have an energy symbol.

Jolt Gum:

Icy mint gum is strong enough to get rid of garlic breathe and not get you sick. It is not a strong mint flavor which makes the gum's flavor very rather short lived. Two pieces equal one cup of coffee for those keeping count. It works great if you're in need of something quick before a meeting but don't want to be chewing gum during it. Sugar clocks in at 3g per serving.

Bawls Mints:

Having to take nine of these little guys for one serving does seem like overkill. Once you have a few popped into your mouth, it will remind you of eating pop rocks as a kid. The carbonation that they add to the mints get them to pop. Sugar per serving is 2g.


These are chocolate covered espresso beans. The chocolate does cover up a lot of the bitterness from the espresso bean, but they do have a bit of a gritty taste before and after consuming. Even though they were not my favorite they were not as bad as I thought they would be. The amount of sugar was not listed on the box.

Green Tea:

The first drink on the long list to have was the Arizona Green Tea. The color of the tea was brown and it does have a bit of carbonation added to the tea for more of a soda like feel. I did think this was more a typical dark tea and most of the sport teas I had have been more of the lighter fare. It was a nice change from the normal day to day drink.

Energy enhancements include: Taurine (1000mg), Caffeine (100mg), Panax Ginseng (100mg), Insitol (100mg), Guarana (100mg), Glucuronolactone (100mg), and Milk Thistle (35mg)

Other note worthy information: Sugar (25g) Sodium (10mg).

Rip it Energy Fuel:

The liquid is yellow/green like a Mountain Dew, but the carbonation level is low. There are two servings per can with 130 calories.

Energy enhancements include: caffeine (90mg), Taurine (1000mg), insitol (100mg), Guaraba seed extract (10mg).

Other note worthy information: Sugar (32g) Sodium (130mg)

Bawls Blue can (Guarana):

Clear liquid with a small amount of coloring like ginger ale but with high carbonation. While drinking it I was thinking back to my college days and figured this would be a great replacement for ginger ale. Since I was having it at 8am, I skipped on adding anything to it.

Energy enhancements include: Caffeine and Guarana but levels are not listed on the cans.

Other note worthy information: Sugar (25g) Sodium (30mg)


Typically when you think of any type of juice, green is not a color you expect to see. Being a juice, it does have a taste of apple in it. It is lightly carbonated. Over all apple juice doesn't last long in my glass and neither does the PimpJuice.

Energy enhancements include: Caffeine (81mg), D-Ribose (250mg), insitol (100mg), Guarana (100mg), and Taurine (7mg).

Other note worthy information: Sugar (34g) Sodium (5mg)

Jolt Cherry Bomb

This would be Jolts version of the Cherry Cola. The cap is not a normal pull tab, but a screw on lid that gives a pop when opened. Carbonation is light compared to everyday colas.

Energy enhancements includes: Caffeine (140mg)

Other note worthy information: Sugar (25g) Sodium (25mg)

Below is the top of the lid after the safety wrapping is removed. All of the Jolt colas have the same type of fuel bottle can to show that it might be packed with some power I suppose.

Bawls Cherry

Keeping with the Cherry drinks, I gone with the Bawls cherry for dinner, It is a clear red liquid like cherry 7-up. Carbonation is light, for being use to normal carbonation with 7-up, it did have a bit of a flat soda taste. Best served with pizza with a side of COD2.

Energy enhancements include: Caffeine and Guarana but levels are not listed on the cans.

Other note worthy information: Sugar (25g) Sodium (30mg)

Jolt Silver:

Clear liquid, with a light lemon-lime taste and light on the carbonation. Not one that jumps out with flavor, but it does have some energy above the standard 7-up type drink.

Energy enhancements include: Caffeine 140mg

Other note worthy information: Sugar (25g) Sodium (40mg)

Jolt Blue:

Light blue in color with a taste of berries. This may be a personal preference but this is the worst of the Jolt bunch. I feel that anything that has raspberry or blueberry flavoring is wrong. It leaves an aftertaste in your mouth.

Energy enhancements include: Caffeine (220mg)

Other note worthy information: Sugar (32g) Sodium (50mg)

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