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-- Caffeine Showdown
-- Category: Tech Bits
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-09-25
-- Price: ~ $varies USD
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What better way warm up the winter months than with a jittery caffeinated writer? Xoxide.com has sponsored this showdown of caffeine with drinks and mints. One test subject has been taking in about 24-48 oz of Pepsi for the last couple of years, as well as using the penguin mints to help pick himself up in the morning or afternoon after a late night of gaming. Some extra caffeine couldn't hurt right?

First, let's have some introductions to what I will be drinking over the next few weeks. I prefer not to go for the ultimate caffeine high and end up in the morgue leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Let's take this slowly shall we?

Looking down at the 14 cans of caffeine that will be consumed:

Ok I know you cannot see what I have by the above picture, so the next few will have a limited number of the can items.

From the Jolt CX2 Family we have four very large cans to drink (~24 oz).

Some of the comic branded caffeine drinks that have the lowest amount of liquid at just over 8 oz. The lineup below ends with Bawls holding up the end of the line starting off the 15+ oz drinks).

Last of the cans that have about 16 oz of liquid in them.

And in honor of the Simpson movie, the Duff Energy drink by itself is the size of a standard 12 oz beer can.

The other method of caffeine intake will be from these items.

Not everything is noted with how much caffeine it has and some will even go as far as saying if you have high blood pressure to talk to your doctor first before consuming. I limited myself to a couple of drinks a day with the option of swapping out one with some gum or mint.

I gave all the drinks about 12 hours to chill in the fridge. A warm drink would not be tasty.

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Mahogany USB Drive

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