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-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-09-15
-- Price: ~ $417.74 USD
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Now that we have taken a look at the exterior and packaging of the Tagan ITZ 1300w power supply, letís start taking a closer look at some of the insides of the PSU. The PCI-E power rails come in matched pairs. These rails can handle a GPU that require the max to date power lines. One line is for the 2x4 Molexes and does have a removeable row just in case your GPU only requires two 2x6s. The other line is the 2x6 Molex. Both lines have matching stickers and colors.

When you are thinking about Cross-Fire or SLI, having a PSU that is ready for both and can push the power to both video cards without taking something from one of the other system rails. This is a big advantage for any power user.


There is no worries about running out of SATA or Molex power lines as you are getting enough of both to power a couple of terabytes (thinking in the realm of 250GB drives). You'll just need a monster case to hold everything.

The anti vibration kit fits well over the back of the PSU and also provides some protection to the finish.

Before we put the PSU to the test and install it inside a case, letís void the warranty and open it up to take a peek inside. One screw has the tamper resistant tape over it -- we'll just remove that.

With the cover off you can see large caps and two big flow heat sinks to help cool things off. There are also two fans, one of each side of the case, to keep the air moving and temperatures down.

The heat sinks do look like they have a lot of cooling power and are not something they skimped on. Wires coming out the back of the PSU are also standard size and are not some cheap thin awg wire.

You can see as we start to fit this into the Mozart TX case, the lengths of each line are not short. I am able to reach any spot in the case with the wires. Finger prints are an issue with anything that has a nice mirrored finished. I need to find one of my micro fiber polishing cloths to wipe this unit down. The anti-vibration kit did make it a little tighter to fit in the case but was not really a big deal.

Quick rundown of the test system that I will be using.

  • EVGA 680i (version A1) Motherboard
  • Kingston RAM 2GB
  • 3 hard drives (2 3.5" and 1 2.5" drive in the ICY BOX) and 1 DVD Burner
  • 4 120mm fans besides the one on the heat sink
  • ATI HD 2900XT, as it needs 2 PCI-E power lines.

The 5v lines hold steady during power up and when doing different things on the system.

The 12v lines are reading over 12v, most of the time when testing the 12v lines you will get within the limits under 12v. Nice to see one giving a bit more power across these lines.

Overall the Tagan ITZ 1300w PSU has been very stable and has given me the power that I needed for this system. During testing all lines were stable and did not move at all. I am positive that this PSU would be able to handle filling up this case with more drives and other peripherals.

The internal heat sinks are a nice size and design to aid in cooling. If youíre going into a case smaller than a mid tower, the cables will be an issue from just the amount and quantity. Some of the extras were nice like: anti-vibration kit and the Velcro wire ties. The only downside for putting this into a rig is the weight. It'll add close to 9lbs of weight to your rig.

I have to thank Tagan for sending over this PSU to test out. The power supply has performed very well in my system.


  • Large size AC cable
  • Mirrored finish
  • Anti-vibration kit
  • PCI-E power lines
  • Good heat sinks
  • Long and stable rails
  • 1300W of power


  • Heavy PSU

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