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-- Kingston KHX11000D3LLK2/2G DDR3
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-05-31
-- Price: ~ $N.A USD
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Kingston Technology has opened some new doors in the world of RAM. We have been asked to test drive and show you some of the new HyperX DDR3 RAM. The modules I received are 1375MHz with CL timings of 7-7-7-20 and 1.7v. Let's see how well this first round of DDR3 modules stack up.

The announcement on these modules came out May 15th. Here's a blurb from the press release:

"Expected to be twice as fast as today's highest speed DDR2 memory, DDR3's greater bandwidth is a perfect match for systems using dual and quad core processors. The lower voltage of DDR3 (moving to 1.5v versus 1.8v with DDR2) provides a more efficient memory solution for both mobile and server platforms. I am pleased to see that Kingston is developing DDR3 memory technology, which will support Intel's high-performance desktop platforms in 2007, said Steve Peterson, Director of Client Chipsets, Intel Corporation. This technology will also provide the bandwidth headroom necessary to support Intel's product roadmap in the future.

Initially launching in 512MB and 1GB capacity modules as well as 1- and 2GB memory kits, the new Kingston HyperX and ValueRAM DDR3 1066MHz modules are the cutting edge of memory technology. Kingston is currently sampling modules in limited quantities in capacities up to 1GB to support the next generation computer platforms shipping later in 2007."

Full release can be found here.

The packaging is the same for the most part as their past RAM packs.

Kingston has the same aluminum blue heat spreaders with the HyperX logo on one side and Kingston Technology logo on the other side.

The DDR information on the modules have changed in a few ways -- font, DDR color from white to black, the number is still red but a lot smaller than the DDR2.

Since both DDR2 and DDR3 have 240 pins, they had to move the notch. The module on the left is the new DDR3 stick and to the right is a DDR2 stick. The notch for the DDR3 is at that location so users can not fit the DDR3 modules in a DDR2 slot and vice versa.

With the new memory also come a new chipset that supports both, but it is up to the vender to decide what they are going to do. I will be using a Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R board that supports both DDR2 x4 and DDR3 x2.

With the standards for DDR2 going from 400mbps to 800mbps to gain speeds, venders and users have been overclocking their RAM. Now with DDR3 the standard is 800mbps to 1600mbps, a notable jump in performance. The voltage for the modules are also lower going from a 1.8v standard down to 1.5v.

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