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-- Super Talent DDR2 1000 (T1000UX2G4) 2GB
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-03-21
-- Price: ~ $N / A USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ]
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Next stop I will be moving the processor up to 3.0GHz from the stock 2.4 GHz. With some of the past testing I have done on this board I know what settings can get me a nice stable system at this speed. I left the RAM at its stock settings. With the processor FSB running at 1334 and the ram at 1000 MHz we are now at a 2:3 ratio.

That now gives us a couple of base lines for the RAM running at its stock speed and settings. Everyone loves RAM that can help you get more from your system with room to tweak to get even more. With the 680i chipset you can OC with a setting called "Linked and Synced". This gives you a 1:1 ratio with the ram and processor. When your processor is ready to write to the ram, it can without either of the two modules waiting for the other. Downside to this is that you typical have the speed of the RAM running slower. The system overclock is set at 333mhz (effective FSB of 1334) and the RAM bus speed is at 667.

2:3 ratio

1:1 ratio

Sisoftware Sandra Lite XI:

Gaining back some of the speed is pulled through OCing the RAM. Going from the stock 4-5-4-15, I was able to drop thoses down to 3-3-3-9. That gets things close to the stocked RAM speed with the processor overclocked.

Since these sticks are aimed for the gamers, I had to give them a go with a couple of games. I took their FPS reading either with Fraps and HOC time demo. First game is Call of Duty 2 (single player). I ran this bench at 1680x1050 resolution.

Quake 4 is an all time staple game and one I been playing since it was first released. I used the HOCdemo and the benchmarking tool they have released. I ran Quake 4 at 1280x1024 for the test.

With doing all of these tests I reallized I didn't try to lower the RAM setting from the stock setting after I overclocked the processor. I was able to lower the speeds of the ram to a 4-4-4-10 to squeeze a little more speed out of them when they were running at 1000 MHz. Overall speeds are listed on the chart below.

Anyone that picks up a pair of these modules for their system are going to get some decent speeds for their rig. It gives a nice performance kick with a little bit of overclocking to the machine.

The "Linked and Synced" method gets you some tighter timings at a lower speed when you overclock both the processor and the RAM. Overall, the RAM preformed better than the specifications and did well in the testing.

Thanks to Super Talent for sending over this sample!


  • Worked well at all levels
  • Better timing than advertised
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • None

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