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-- Vizo Ninja 15" Laptop Cooler
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2007-02-18
-- Price: ~ $n/a USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ] 2
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Vizo's Ninja is their laptop cooler, made for laptops from 8" to 15" in size.  With my newest laptop being a 17" model, it's too big for the Ninja, so I've pulled out my old Compaq Armada to use for the photos.   The Ninja cooler is made out of aluminum and has two fans to increase heat transfer. By keeping the base of the notebook cool, the Ninja not only prolongs component life, but keeps often loud notebook fans from whirring annoyingly under heavy load.

The box that the Ninja arrived in was nicely packaged and had a good picture of the cooler as well as some basic information about the product.

On the backside Vizo have gone with a simple but elegant design which effectively lists the product information without being distracting or overloaded with graphics.


  Reduce the temperature of your notebook PC for best performance
  Aluminum housing for best thermal heat dissipation
  Dual fans provide the maximum airflow and air pressure
  Low dBA level
  Powered by USB, no adapter necessary
  Ergonomic designed angle for easy typing
  Easy to install


  Housing Dimensions: 320mm x 300mm x 40mm
  Housing Material: Aluminum
  USB BUS Power Adapter: 5V/500mA
  DC Fan Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 15 ( 2 PCS )
  Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
  Speed : 3000 RPM
  Noise Level: 26.6 dBA
  Max Air flow: 22.62( Min:18.51 )CFM
  Rated Voltage: DC 5 V
  Rated Current: 0.19 ( Max:0.3 ) A x 2
  Compatibility: 8 ~ 15" notebook PC
  Weight: 1050 g


  • Notebook Cooler
  • USB Bus Power Cable

The aluminum is 1/8" thick and has a small lip to keep the laptop from sliding down the cooler during usage.

The power cable plugs in at the back and is located at the typical location for USB ports on the back of laptops.  The power cable is not really that long, which reduces the cable mess behind the laptop.

Flipping the Ninja over, we can see that Vizo mounted the fans from the bottom, thus avoiding unsightly screws on the top of the cooler.

A closer look at the fan I removed shows that Vizo used strapping tape to hold the mesh area to the aluminum body of the Ninja.

Making sure that the tape was holding the mesh to the main part of the cooler, I removed one fan as well as one piece of tape.  I then set the ninja down on my desk with one screw under the mesh.

By using the tape to hold the mesh in place, Vizo has ensured that if you decide to replace the fans, the mesh won't slip out of place.  Additionally, it keeps the mesh from resting on the fans and vibrating.

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