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-- Cyber Snipa Mouse and Pad
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2006-11-16
-- Price: ~ $N/A USD
-- Pages: 1 2 [ 3 ] 4
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First off the basic functions of the mouse work just fine. The speed change function also works without the extra software that is included. We're going to test it out first without the software. Then we'll see what kind of configuration changes the software will make afterwards.

The mouse pad takes the same amount of desk space as my old one, So I am still able to have my 19" CRT sitting right next to me and working with a couple of other systems. Since I don't have a USB KVM. it will be plugged into my current gaming system.

Quick over view of the system that is being used on.

  • AMD Opteron 175 (2.2 Ghz)
  • DFI lanparty UT nf4 Ultra -d
  • 2 gigs OCZ PC 5000 Ram (DDR)
  • BFG 7900GT PCI-E video Card
  • 250gig SATA HD
  • NEC 3550A CD/DVD burner
  • Dell 20.1 Wide screen LCD
  • Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
  • Windows XP SP2 (patch w/ all current patches)
  • From the Flexiglow tech sheets:

    Cyber Snipa ™ Intelliscope Mouse

    Introducing the Cyber Snipa™ Intelliscope™ Gaming Mouse. Stalk your enemies in 1000dpi Stealth mode, and when your target is in your sights, unleash the beast within with 2400dpi ATAK mode! All with a simple push of a button.

    The Cyber Snipa™ Intelliscope™ Gaming Mouse is enhanced by the Intellilight Ambient Interface (AI) system. This system allows the user to be intuitively informed of the DPI setting during combat situations. You never need to remember what setting you are in! By the illuminated glow on and around the Mouse, you are intuitively informed if the DPI setting is set for ATAK mode or precision STEALTH mode needed for sniping. A stunning looking mouse with all the grunt you need. Truly beauty and the beast all in one package!


    1. Combat ready 2400 DPI lazer engine
    2. Frame rate over 10,800 frames per second
    3. 24 Bit data path
    4. Intelli-light ambient interface (AI) system
    5. 2400 DPI ATAK mode (illuminates red)
    6. 1000 DPI stealth mode (illuminates blue)
    7. On-the-fly DPI toggle switch button on top
    8. Illuminated non slip scroll wheel
    9. 6 x programmable buttons
    10. Non slip rubberized coating for extra gaming comfort
    11. 6 x non slip teflon feet for smooth glide fast action gaming
    12. Ergonomically designed for both left and right hand gamers

    Cyber Snipa ™ Precision Aluminium Mouse Pad

    In the heat of battle the last thing you need to worry about is running out of space. The Cyber Snipa™ Mouse Pad is designed to solve this problem. The oversized pad is manufactured from top grade anodised aluminium which has been selected for its light weight and incredible strength. This gamer approved surface has been designed to ensure precision mouse control. Don't be surprised if you need to turn down you mouse sensitivity as the surface resistance is so low that the Mouse will feel like its skating on a layer of air.


    1. Large format aluminium pad (305 x 225 x 5mm)
    2. Rubberized under-pad silicone base
    3. Constructed from high grade anodized aluminium
    4. Non-slip silicone head base
    5. Precision mouse surface
    6. Works with ball or optical mouse
    7. Includes zip up carry bag
    8. Stylish X shape

    That is all of the technical information supplied to me on these two items. As I have said the mouse works fine with no driver or software installed, so if you tend to skip over that with your mice then you should be able to plug n play. Doing that also limits your ablity to use the 3 extra buttons. Now lets do a quick install of the software to find out what added value it has. Loading the CD in and the install starts up right away. Clicking through and selecting custom as I tend to want to know what my options are. This is were I see something strange, Item 3 looks like it was not defened during installation.

    I really would like to know what that third option is, so I e-mail Coco at Flexiglow the image above and asked about it.

    Flexiglow comments are listed below:

    Please understand that this was merely a description error and does not
    impact (in any way) on the overall functionality of the mouse.

    'Custom fields' check box setting definitions are as follows (please refer
    to attached jpg):-

    1.  Application Modules - This gives the user the option to re-install the
    application software, i.e. the user interface that allows them to set
    sensitivity, allocate keys etc.

    2.  Install Modules - This gives the user the option to re-install the
    drivers required to operate the mouse.

    3.  Document - This gives the user the option to re-install help files.

    Cyber Snipa drivers have been updated on there web site.

    I install it anyways, as it finishes up the install, I think they jump the gun a bit on this as well. The "Finish" screen and button is behind the drive / Systray application as it starts up before you realize it is done. Most companies ask if you want to run it and have it set to run as you click finish.

    Note that the first tab is a quick blurb about the mouse and what DPI the modes run in. The next one is a window that lets you set the buttons to do what you want with them and if your going to use it with your right or left hand.

    I tried to get the mouse to work with Photoshop light adjustments. I found out it was limited to what could be programmed for each button.

    Moving on to the sensitivity control, you can adjust the distance the mouse moves and how quickly the double click takes effect. Using the double click in the test box you get a double shot fired and the two bullet holes flash. I moved it up from the default that was almost next to the fast arrow. The sensitivity control is linked to the defaul one in windows, and controls the overall mouse.

    Pointers and scroll wheel have a few extra options, I am going to leave it alone at "Compatible Wheel Scroll". Testing in the test window lets you see and try different speeds for scrolling the graphic image up and down.

    All of the software is installed and a quick walk through of the configuration is done. Let's play some games.

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