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-- Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Technology in Film
-- Category: Tech Bits
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2006-09-21
-- Price: ~ $N / A USD
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Aside from the daily duties here at GideonTech.com, we also like to unwind in front of the tube and catch a movie or two. With the explosion of technology in every day scenarios, it's common to find references to computers, iPods and other gadgets and geek toys in film.

It's one thing to make a fantasy movie, it's another to dream up impossible technological feats in a modern day drama. Just because technical jargon would fly right over most people's heads, there's no reason to make up stuff.

Today, we're going to list the Top 10 worst violators. Here is the criteria:

  1. Has to be a movie that you can rent on DVD.
  2. Wide release, no limited release obscure films.
  3. The movie can not be science fiction based.

Oh yeah, Hackers is not #1. On with the show!

10) Wargames - 1983

Matthew Broderick plays a teenage hacker who manages to dial into a computer owned by NORAD. Thinking he has hacked into a game company's computer system, he requests a list of games to play. The Cold War was still active in the 80's, so the Soviet Union was the obvious target in a missile game. Thinking he was playing against the computer, he manages to set in motion real missiles pointed at the Soviets.

Simply put, the idea of a computer talking  to you after you 'hack' into it is laughable in this day and age. We're listing it at position 10 mainly because it was the 80's and the internet was not 'available' and no one knew better.

9) The Italian Job - 2003

A remake of the 1969 film with the same name. It follows a team of thieves who band together to perform one last heist. The Italian Job is not a bad film, but the reference to Napster and a cameo by Shawn Fanning was, to put it simply, corny. Since Shawn Fanning stole Napster from Seth Green's character in the film, Seth now calls himself the 'real' Napster.

Below is an image of a wire frame display on his laptop that shows a Mini Cooper making rounds. In the left corner is a 'NPSTER' tag. So since his P2P file sharing program got stolen, Seth now makes a wire frame program that follows a Mini around perfectly through walls? That's quite a talent.

8) Antitrust - 2001

The movie follows a young programmer, played by Ryan Phillippe, lured to a large software company run by Tim Robbins. Just picture an evil clone of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and you have Tim Robbins character. The film is not higher on the list mainly because a lot of the computer screenshots were developed by one of creators of the GNOME project. At least they tried to make things believable.

One scene that jumps right out is the ability for the security team to lift code off a computer screen via a security camera. If so, I should get myself a 3M security shield.

7) Hackers - 1995

A group of hacker teens wreak havoc on a supercomputer of a large petroleum company. With a zany system administrator that travels on a skateboard through their 'server' room, this film is borderline comedy.

One obvious failure of technology here is the ridiculous flying through sequences of the supercomputer. Not only is all the data stored in what looks like skyscrapers, it's also technicolored like a crazy rainbow.

Again, like Wargames, we're going to keep this low on the list mainly because of the early years of the internet. With references to 'Pentiums' and 'Hacking the Gibson', this has ended up a cult classic.

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