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-- Enermax Glory External Hard Disk Enclosure
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: dave303
-- Posted on: 2006-08-22
-- Price: ~ $67.99 USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ] 2
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We have a new external USB 2.0 hard disk drive enclosure from Enermax called the Glory. With prices on PATA hard drives dropping in price on a daily basis, there is no better time to set up an external drive. Whether it be to store backups of your important data or to just have extra room to store your MP3s, it's a very cost effective solution to gaining more storage.

We received the black version of the Glory. It is not heavy at all and first impressions indicate that it is well made. The model name is printed on the side of the case with an Enermax logo on the front panel.

Now that we have taken a quick peek at whats in the box, lets see what features and specifications are on this HDD enclosure.


  • Intelligent backup software:

"Data Backup" = smart backup of all data files except OS files.
"OS Backup" = Smart backup of OS files only
"Custom Backup" = Backup of custom selection of drives/folders/files

  • 3 "Fast Buttons" Integrated to use backup functions directly, including last "Custom Backup".
  • External 3.5" HDD box with USB 2.0 for easy plug & play between notebook and desktop
  • Massive 1.5mm aluminum frame structure protects your HDD inside optimally.
  • Patented structural design reduces inner temperature by almost 10 degrees C / 18 degrees F
  • Cypress USB-chip for maximum performance.
  • Soundproof Batt reduces HDD noise to a minimum.
  • Aluminum stand with rubber pads.
  • Power on/off switch for sage usage.

(Backup software available under windows 2000/XP OS only)



3.5" IDE HDD


IDE to USB 2.0

Data transfer Rate

up to 480 Mb/sec

Case Material


Power Source

External power adapter with universal auto-switching

Support HDD

4800-10000 RPM

Power & access indicator

Red and Orange LED

Support OS

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Back-up Software

Windows 2000/XP


34.5x140x228 mm

Now lets take a look at what was shipped out to me. The box has a wing-like cutout so we can see the name on the HDD enclosure itself, and a few smaller cutouts with some of the features highlighted.

On the main enclosure the words are done in gold, the stars in silver paint, and the rest of the case is anodized black. If you manage to just glance at this, it may remind you of a title logo for some kind of Disney movie.

The front and four sides are one solid piece folded to make the main shell of the box, while the back panel is held on with two screws to the rest of the case.

On the front there is what looks like an aluminum logo glued on.  It is thicker than any of the painted on features of the case. The markings for the buttons is in the same gold paint as the name on the front panel of the case. They are marked top to bottom as D, OS, and R.

The back has the plugs all on one side and marked again with the gold paint. There is a small overlapping where the back side panel screws into the case.

The aluminum stand is the same as we seen in the last review. It is heavy enough to hold itself down and designed not to tip over easy.

Now lets take a quick look at everything in the box; HDD enclosure, CD Rom, instruction book (not in picture), stand, black USB cable, and power supply.

Inside the Glory is the standard HDD power cable (removable) and the enhanced EMI protected IDE cable. The protection should make for less interference on the data transfers.

Both sides have an aluminum heat shield to help cool down the hard drive.

On the other side of the aluminum sheets are the sound mats covering all but the very back side of the enclosure.

I placed in my test 40 GB Seagate Barracuda drive that I have been using for a few years now. The hard drive fits in the case with no screws and it doesn't have any room to move around, so far so good.

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