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-- Vantec Iceberg 5 VGA Cooler
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2006-03-19
-- Price: ~ $29.99 USD
-- Pages: 1 2 3 [ 4 ]
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After everything has been tightened and checked, re-install your video card. I used the 3-pin connector since I had an un-used connector on the motherboard.

As suspected, the Iceberq 5's height blocked the adjacent PCI-E slot. Not really a big deal as I wasn't planning on using the empty slot.




When powered on, the fan emits a blue light.

So did the Iceberq 5 help the temperature situation? We checked the temperature at idle as well as at load for stock and aftermarket application. To create load, I fired up Counter-Strike and played for about 30 minutes.

Stock idle

Stock at load

Now for the Iceberq 5 marks:

Iceberq 5 idle

Iceberq 5 load

The Iceberq 5 did a great job by dropping the temperature by 15C at load! Lower temperature means prolonged life of your equipment. In my case, maybe some extra overclocking.

Overall, the Vantec Iceberq 5 is an affordable kit if you are looking to upgrade the cooling on your video card. The multi-card support makes it easy to move the cooler to another card if you upgrade in the future. The fan is also very quiet, which should make quiet PC users happy.

Thanks to Directron for sending us this sample!


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-card support
  • Ramsinks included
  • Quiet fan
  • Does a great job at cooling


  • Will block adjacent slot

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Page: 1 2 3 [ 4 ]

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