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-- Lapworks Laptop Legs
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2005-11-15
-- Price: ~ $24.95 USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ]
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I have an old Dell Latitude laptop that I use for wireless access and Linux distro testing. I've never bothered to use this laptop for prolonged periods of time because it was just difficult to type on. Strangely enough, this laptop did not come with any kind of legs on the under-side to prop it up. So when you are typing, it's always straining your wrist just a little bit to get you annoyed. The folks at Lapworks are trying to fix that; one tiny leg at a time.

Whether it's my Logitech wireless keyboard or my laptop, I like typing at an incline. It brings the keys closer to my finger tips making it less stressful and painful on my wrists. My Dell Latitude designers did not factor this in when developing the laptop. So when Lapworks asked if I wanted to try out their new Laptop Legs, I thought why not, it really can't hurt.

Here are some features from their site:

  • Fits All Standard Notebooks
  • Easy To Apply, Just peel-N-Stick
  • Improves Typing Ergonomics
  • 2 Elevations to Choose from
  • Works on Phones, Calculators, Keyboards

The Laptop Legs are tiny legs with a strong adhesive backing that attaches under your laptop. There are two elevations you can choose from.

The legs will lift your laptop from 1" to about 1.5".

My Dell Latitude is old and bulky. On the under-side of the laptop there are a lot of rubber pads to keep the laptop from sliding. Just in case you're on a rocking ship, this will prove to be useful. For everyone else that prefers computing on land, it ends up just taking a lot of room.

After poking around a bit, I found a nice spot close to the rear center of the laptop.

If your laptop is dirty, grab a towel and clean the surface. The adhesive will adhere much better in the long run. Installation is quite a breeze, it just involves removing the adhesive backing and sticking the legs onto the laptop. After a minute, here's what we have:

For a laptop that did not come with legs, this looks pretty good. The color on the legs are a lighter shade than the laptop, but since it's on the bottom no one really is going to notice it.

Overall, the Laptop Legs are quite useful. I've found the typing angle has been much better in my favor. When I'm not at a desk, the legs can be popped back into place. One issue some might have is that once back into place, it does add a few millimeters to the bottom of your laptop. The packaging comes with two pairs of the legs. They can also be used on other devices like phones.

The packaging also explains how to remove the legs. It is noted that it may leave a residue after removal. This will also render the legs useless for another application.


  • Easy to install
  • Great for older laptops without legs
  • Two elevations usable


  • One time use
  • Removal requires screwdriver and a hairdryer

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