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-- Making a system backup
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: BDecima
-- Posted on: 2005-09-10
-- Price: ~ $39.95 USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ]
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Nobody thinks that they need to do backups until it’s too late.  Maybe there’s too much work involved in setting up your personalized backup or there isn't enough space to backup the data. So what do you do to make life easier? Acubix PicoBackup has the answer.

Here's what the developer describes it as:

Acubix PicoBackup is an easy-to-use backup utility packed with many powerful features to help keep your data safe. Its advanced architecture allows it to support many types of backup by simply installing plug-ins. There are plug-ins to backup files, Registry settings, Outlook/Outlook Express emails and many more.

  • Intuitive user interface makes it very easy to use
  • Integrated CD/DVD burning capability
  • Supports spanning multiple CD/DVDs
  • Strong 256-bit AES/Blowfish encryption
  • Simple and flexible file/folder selection
  • Backup to remote FTP server
  • Flexible integrated scheduling
  • Industry standard ZIP compression
  • Advanced plug-in architecture
  • Allows full or partial restoration from backup
  • Email notification on backup
  • Comprehensive help system
  • Compatible with PicoZip backup feature
  • Supports Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/ME/XP

This program is very user friendly and easily navigable.  When you want to create a backup, you can pick one of five different types of backups:

  1. File backup – Backup and restore files and folders
  2. Group backup – Combine several backup sets of any type
  3. My documents backup – Backup and restore files and folders in My Documents folder
  4. My favorites backup – Backup and restore shortcuts in your favorite folder
  5. Registry backup – Backup and restore Windows registry settings

When you create a new backup by either clicking the icon or selecting it from File -> New Backup Set, a wizard will guide you through the set up process.  You select the type of backup that you would like to create and then give it a name and brief description on the next screen.  The backup method is also customizable.  You can use a full, incremental, or multi-generation backup.

The next window will allow you to add files or select previous backups depending on the type of backup you chose to create.  You can also add file masks to exclude some files or to skip hidden files, read-only files, or system files.  Then you are able to select where you would like to store the backup.  You can choose from Local/LAN, FTP, CD/DVD Writer, or some other removable storage.

PicoBackup also allows you to schedule your backups.  You can set it up to run once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, at start-up, or at shut-down.  Then you can even compress and encrypt the backup to conserve space and make the file more manageable and secure.  You can modify the filename that the backup will be saved as.  It can include the date and time to differentiate between backups.  Lastly, you can even run external applications before and/or after the backup is run.  Email notification can be sent to keep you up to date on how your backups are running.

Restoring your data from your backup file is even easier than backing it up in the first place.  Select the restore button at the top of the application and the restore window will pop up.  You can then select where you would like to restore the backup to and if you would like to overwrite any existing data.

In conclusion, PicoBackup is an incredibly easy to use and quick way to create successful backups of all your important data.  It allows you to backup a ton of information on a schedule and to a removable device for the highest security.  I would recommend PicoBackup to anyone who has anything on their computer that they care about.  Backups are the most overlooked way to protect your data and this program will make it easy for everyone to save themselves from the fear of hard drive failure.


  • Easy backup and restore options
  • Scheduling options available
  • Data compression


  • None

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