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-- Kingston HyperX PC4300 1GB DDR
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2004-06-05
-- Price: ~ $400.00 USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ]
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The modules are wrapped with blue heatspreaders. Until someone provides solid proof these actually do anything, I'll keep thinking they are there to provide some asthetic relief in a rather bland case.

The modules were placed in DIMM1 and DIMM3 to utilize dual channel capabilities. It does look quite nice on top of our red motherboard:

Here is our test system in full:

  • MSI neo2 fis2r springdale motherboard
  • Intel P4 2.4C @ 3.19Ghz (266FSB) HT Enabled, cooled by Skythe Kamakaze
  • Abit Siluro GF4 Ti4200 64MB
  • Cmedia Onboard Audio
  • 2 X 80GB Maxtor Striped RAID
  • SMC 1211 10/100 NIC

To get the overclocking business out of the way, let's discuss that first. The 2.4C is a stock 200Mhz FSB. To fully utilize our ram, we need to bump this to 266Mhz FSB to get the memory to 533. I tried all the way up to 270 on the CPU, which actually booted, but no benches could be run completely. So after backing down 1Mhz at a time, it ended at 266, which is the stated speed that Kingston labeled on their package as being fully supported. Go figure huh?

The timings were set to 3-4-4-8, not entirely aggressive but any springdale owner will tell you, timing makes only the slightest difference at this point. I won't be showing stock speeds as that's pointless when using the PC4300 HyperX modules. Voltage was kept at 1.6V for the CPU and 2.7V for the memory.

Here's our CPU-Z report:

At 266FSB, this is 1064Mhz quad pumped!

For testing, I use Sisoft Sandra, PiFast and PCMark02. These benchmarks are synthetic and should not be used to indicate real world environments. However, they are a good indiciation of what kind of performance you are achieving by comparing your own scores to these.

Our Sisoft Sandra 04 scores:


Sisoft Sandra 04 Buffered

( 266 / 533 )

Int 5936 MB/s
Float 5930 MB/s

Higher the better

Ideally, we want to get as close to 6.4GB/s, but that's not likely going to happen too often at all.

PiFast is used to compute Pi.




Digits: 10000000
Method: Chudnovsky
Size of FFT: 1024
42.30 seconds

Lower time the better

Last test consists of PCMark02 score. With all our tests, I didn't have anything to compare it with as this is the fastest memory I have readily available. Here is the score for PCMark:




Memory 9590

Higher is better

Overall, the scores are just that, scores. What I was really interested in was the ability to really achieve DDR533 as stated on the packaging. The Kingston HyperX PC4300 was able to achieve that and more.

The only downside is the non-aggressive CL3 rating. I haven't seen any 2-2-2-5 PC4300 models around, so if PC4300 is what you want, this may be your only bet at the moment.

Although at speeds greater than 266 stability issues arose, this may be due to cooling issues which I can work on later. At 266, the memory has been working non-stop flawlessly at DDR533.


  • DDR533 support
  • Nearly 6GB/s scores
  • Heatshields (bling, bling)


  • Pricey
  • CL3 only

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