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-- Water Cooling with a Junk Yard Heater Matrix
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: Nick Easton
-- Posted on: 2001-08-21
-- Price: ~ $NA USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ] 2
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At present to cool my Tbird 1333 CPU I am using an OCZ Gladiator II, with a 42 cubic feet, black Label Monster!  Which as per what you read on web sites is very loud. The Quote; “YOU GET USED TO AFTER A WHILE”, kind of wore off after a bit, although I was blessed with very nice temperatures 35-46 (depending on load and Ambient temperature) and a very stable 1430. Not bad for a Abit KT7 non-A or Raid which is now maxed out on multipliers 12.5 and FSB of 115. 

   Anyhow, the noise prompted me to dip my toe in the water “as it were” and plumb for a water-cooling rig.  I spent a lot of time browsing the Web through almost endless information on the subject, and found that the BE Coolings offering of there Copper Water-block seemed to stand out from the crowd.  Properly because of the ribbed water galleries inside the block giving additional surface area, moreover it only cost $30

   Mmm, looks nice, Beware of Swarf still inside block though!  BE Cooling also offered a nice solution for the pump and reservoir for $50.

   They quote: - Rio Pump - High performance powerhead.    120-gallons/hour submersible.    Energy efficient, low heat 3.4 watts, 120/240VAC operation.    VERY QUIET.    Only 1 moving part - the ceramic shaft/impeller.

Not much more to say its true, seems to move around enough coolant as well.

The case was supplied by Overclockers UK

And is as follows:


Chieftec / Chenming


Full-Tower DA-01WD


This full tower version of the popular Dragon is identical to the Antec SX 1240 case. Featuring a lockable front door, 6x 5.25"+2 x 3.5"FDD, 6x 3.5"HDD bays, the DA-01WD measures 475x 205x 670mm(D x W x H). This particular case is not supplied with PSU or Case Fans. For full spec. And internal views, visit Chieftec

   Next I went to local junk yard, and asked the chap there if he had any old heater matrixes? The owner leaned over his desk, and almost magically one appeared.

   Is it Ok I asked? He puffed so hard down the holes his cheeks turned red he just held that pose for too long, (I had to hold back from laughter).

   Anyhow it passed the Junk Yard Man Blow test with flying colours! So its ok for me, I walked away with 2 of them, they originally lived in a Mk 4 Ford Escort which seem to be just about the right size for the case, better still, after I explained what I wanted them for, I only had to part with £10.00 for the pair ($14) he must of felt sorry for me, although he did say “Get hot them computers don’t they?” he must have an Athlon as well, I thought.

   I was totally gob smacked with these heater matrixes, car manufactures have over time evolved these to a very fine art.  I have struggled to find any aftermarket product, which came even close to this quality.  I also feel happier because they are recycled.

   Be careful though, look for any signs of seepage and give them a very good flush out before using.

   Wow, these guys have huge Cooling potential, count all of those fins!  Erm, yep there’s 2 of them in there as well! 

   The matrixes needed a little modification at the entry point, I used a hack saw to remove the 3” strait plastic pipes which originally came out from the ends, then attached 2 copper micro bore 90 degree bends, per matrix. These are firmly held in place with epoxy resin. However, before they were glued, both the copper 90 degree outlets and the inside of the plastic entry point were keyed-up with emery paper, this gives a much nicer surface for the epoxy resin to stick to.

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