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-- Make your own Etching
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2003-05-09
-- Price: ~ $NA USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ]
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If you have a window in your case, you probably know what an etching is. If not, it's simply roughing, carving, or scratching of the surface of your case window in the form of a design. Most of the time, these designs are biohazard signs, skulls, or other neat things.

Then again, what's unique about it if everyone on your block has the same design? So let's take 10 minutes and create our own. That's right, 10 minutes.

   The first thing you'll need is a rotary tool. We will assume you already have a window created or the materials needed. We like Dremels, so we're going to use our trusty unit with a sharp grinding stone attachment:

    The pointed grinding stone will give you more control over the area you are etching. You'll also want to obtain a clamp or two to keep your window from sliding around. The clamps will 'bite' down on the window and sandwich it onto your work table. Unless you have super steady hands and are incredibly strong, you will find them quite useful.

   The next thing to do is finding a design. Find your favorite design, logo, etc. and print it out. Depending on the size of your window, enlarge or shrink the image if needed. We went onto Google.com and found ourselves a picture of a solid dragon. You will find that the less complicated the picture, the easier it is etch onto your window. After you find your design and print it out, place your window on top of it and secure it with your clamps (or hands).

   With the Dremel move over the black design slowly, going back and forth, or in a circular motion if possible. Sometimes it is easier to make an outline and then etch the insides. Our design took only about 10 minutes to finish:

   Here's the completed design:

   Lift the window up and check for any areas you missed.  If you did, place it back on the design and fill in any spots.

   The best way to see a window etch, is to shine a light parallel to it.  This means, if you can fix a CCFL or LED to the sides, you'll illuminate your etch:

   Hope this quickie guide can help you along your etching project.

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