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-- Remote Start Guide
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: Marsupial
-- Posted on: 2003-01-27
-- Price: ~ $NA USD
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Remotely using a computer is nice. You can get a wireless keyboard and mouse, but still you need to get to the computer to power it up, which could be annoying. Therefore a remote power up capability was needed, but remote start solutions for a computer are quite rare and pretty expensive. Since we are hardcore modders, a solution was indeed needed to change that: the doorbell computer remote start.

  Note: This is how I did it to make it work on my mom's computer, and there is no warranty that it'll work fine for you, nor that you won't blow your motherboard. Its working fine for my mom's computer and I assume it will for a long time, but I cannot be held responsible for your actions on your computer, so be careful, as always.

Needed material:

  • Remote doorbell (preferably the ones with 3 AA batteries)
  • 5V DC Relay
  • WOL connector
  • A motherboard with WOL or WOM connector
  • Project box (or something to protect from short circuit)
  • Wires
  • Solder
  • Heat shrink
  • Punched PCB (not mandatory, but easier to solder the relay)
  • Molex connector (for testing purpose only)

Tools needed:

  • Soldering iron
  • Voltmeter (for testing purpose only)
  • External power supply (for testing purpose only)

  I went to my local hardware store (since I'm Canadian, it was a Canadian Tire) and bought the cheapest remote doorbell I could fine, for about 10$. If you have to choose in different ones, try getting one which the chime uses 3 AA batteries, since it will be easier to mod later on.

Door Bell Chime

Remote Button

  The first step is to set the remote chime' channel settings. Both the button and the chime receiver have jumpers for the frequency. I had to change this to a different frequency since we have a remote doorbell at the apartment and my roommate was kind of irritated that the door kept ringing for no reason while I was testing the unit.  You can follow the instructions on the packages, but as long as both the remote and receiver have the same jumper pattern it should be fine.

   Then there is the "ring mode" that you might want to check. Doorbells have different types: "DING", "DING-DONG", and "Westminster". Since you don't want to turn off the PC just after turning it on, a single stroke should be fine, and I have set the jumpers to the 2 first ones, the "DING" setting. This is done only on the remote button, as it controls the sound pulses sent to the ringer.

Channel and Ring Selection

This being done, time to MOD!

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