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-- LED Replacment
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2002-05-14
-- Price: ~ $N/A USD
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This is another device that I constantly use, the DVD/CDRW drive.  I'm going to use a Samsung 8X drive, which has a very small light that shows activity.

   The light is located to the right of the volume control dial, which shines green when active.  To get to the inside of the drive, the first thing we need to do is pop open the drive tray.  I took a paper clip and pop it out using the emergency eject hole.

   After doing that, you can pop off the front bezel without much resistance.  The LED is on the underside of the tray, which makes it a bit difficult to get to.  Instead of working around it, I'm going to take of the drive cover to get some more room.  Remember, this voids your warranty, which is pretty much everything we do around here. Anyway...

   I removed the bottom cover which is where the LED sits on the PCB.  This is held together by two plastic clips with a connector that attaches to the other PCB.  Unhooked it and flipped it over and we have a clear view to the stock light.

   Notice that this LED is in a housing, this is the surface mount version of the bulb.  The one we have is the T1 3/4 (thanks pewter) version, plain bulb.  This will not cause any problems, solder it just like you would normally.

   If you take a close look, the PCB is already labeled for you as to which trace is the +.  Get the soldering iron hot and touch the spots gently and pry the old LED off.

   Cut the leads to size and solder the new bulb in.  I bent mine a little with pliers so they could fit into the tiny space.  Put everything back the way it was and power up your drive.

   Not too bad for 15 minutes of labor.

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