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-- The Liquor Case
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: winterstick
-- Posted on: 2001-09-21
-- Price: ~ $N/A USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ] 2 3 4
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Since college has already started for most of you. We all know what everyone does at college, they drink.  We're here today to show you folks how to get an empty and gutted out AT case that will hold your beverages while looking like a functioning computer.  We at GideonTech do not condone under aged drinking, all mods were done by professionals.

   For this guide we will be using old computer parts that we had lying around the house.

  • Full Tower AT case
  • AT PSU
  • CD-ROM drive preferably working
  • Old/broken pci/isa cards
  • Dremel
  • A glue that will bond to metal
  • Dust mask

   Now I have to admit, I didn't have a full AT case on hand but one of my friends did.  Now this case wasn't in the best of shape, my friend tried to hack it into an ATX case (and he did it really crappy too) so I had to fix all the damage he done before continuing. Also, I apologize for the lack of before pictures since I don't have constant access to a digital camera, I do work on the case and try and take as many pictures as I can. But a lot will be after pics.

   After repairing the damage that my friend had done to the case, I was left with a pretty descent AT case.

   The case I'm using is an old Dell Dimensions XPS 450v, this case has tons of storage space in it, and over all is a pretty good case. Although it has some draw backs to it, the sides and top are all one piece (U shaped) and the it has been sprung, so the sides stick out if its not bolted in.

   The first thing that we will be doing to our case is hacking out un-need parts of the case that can be use for more storage space. I hacked out the 5 " drive bay except for the top slot where I will mount my old scsi cdrom drive.

   With the 5 drive bay out my way the next step was to start modifying the front bezel. I Hot glued all of the 5 " cover into place so that if a bottle happens to hit it doesn't pop out.

   Next, I decided to split the case into two layers I used the metal 5 drive bay covers to use as a floor. I cut the tabs off to the right length and glued them in.

   Now that we have pretty much finished the interior of our case, it's time to work on the external appearance. Here is where we start to make it look like there is a functional computer inside when there really isn't.

   Take all those old pci/isa cards I told you to gather up, and cut off the back end of the card so that you have the plug and the i/o slot cover. This way it looks like you have computer components in there but they aren't taking up all you storage space. When you are cutting I would suggest that you wear a mask, you don't want to be breathing that stuff in.

   Now here comes the real part of this guide, how to make it look you have a computer fully functioning and actually doing something in your case. We are going to build a circuit that semi-randomly flashes the hard drive led making it looks like there is a ton of hard drive activity, and another "circuit" to keep the power led on.

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