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-- Making a Blowhole
-- Category: Guide
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2000-06-01
-- Price: ~ $N/A USD
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Having taken very simple physics in high school and college, I figured that since hot air rises, an exhaust or 'blowhole' would be the simplest way of getting rid of heat. I will be using a 92mm Antec fan to do my dirty work. I used a 92mm grill to draw the hole. 

   Here are some tools you may need to get you along:

  • Dremel (multi-pro)
  • Fan
  • Grill
  • Pencil
  • Masking Tape

   So I began chopping away at the top of my case for that perfect blowhole.  First off, we need to measure where exactly the hole and circle for the fan will be.  I just used the grill to trace a simple outline:


   For the next step, I used masking tape to go cover the surrounding area of the blowhole to prevent any paint chipping and so forth. It also provides a very safe area to cut since if you slip, you won't scratch your case.

Masking Tape the Sucka

   Now I slapped a cut off wheel onto the dremel and cut around the circumference of the hole. After cutting the hole, you would want to use the cone shape bit to sand down the hole to get rid of the burrs. I strongly recommend this! Don't run your finger along the hole after cutting it like me, unless you want some nasty cuts on your fingers : (

Almost done!

   After getting rid of the burrs, punch some holes in with the drill bit, put the grill on it and you have yourself a sexy looking blowhole :


   There you have it, after being online for over a year, we finally realized we didn't have a blowhole guide up!  A very simple process, but effective in the long run.  Anyway, hope this 10 minute guide helped you out!

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