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-- Feeling PC's Ice Hole
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2001-11-29
-- Price: ~ $35.00 USD
-- Pages: [ 1 ]
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By now, many people have seen 80->60mm fan adapters available on most modding retailers.  This allows you to use a larger and quieter 80mm fan on a smaller 60mm fitted heatsink.  Take that idea, add some bright LED lights to the adapter and you have the Ice Hole from Feeling PC.  

   In the Ice Hole package (say this name a few times, its funny), you will receive:

  • 80mm to 60mm Acrylic Fan Adapter
  • 3pin->4pin adapters
  • Bag of screws (various sizes)

   The adapter comes with a tiny PCB that has dipswitches to control the LED lights and fan speed.  The 3pin adapter that came with the unit is supposed to power the LEDs and the fan.  I thought that was quite a big strain to put on a motherboard.  So I chucked out the instructions, and slapped on the 4 pin molex adapter and used that instead.  My 300W PSU should be enough power to run the adapter.

   There are three LEDs, a blue, red and green light.  You can use the dipswitches to change them from individual colors or turning them on all at once.  I prefer the all on option, it looks like a light show in the dark.  The adapter also lets you lower voltage using the dip switches located above the word FAN, that way you can quiet the fan if needed.  This kind of reminds me of the dip switches located on most Lian Li aluminum cases, they also have switches for fan speed.

   The adapter uses screws, so if your original heatsink utilizes clips this is not going to work.  The bag of screws that came with the package is packed full of goodness.  There are numerous sizes that will accommodate whatever heatsink you have.

   We threw the Ice Hole on our Dynatron aluminum unit.  I had to use the smallest screws to attach the adapter correctly to the heatsink.  The rest were way too long.  I also used our Sunon 80mm fan rated at 2300rpm, 31CFMs and 25dBA.  Very quiet and powerful, which is what we are shooting for here.

   I didn't attach anything to the 3pin fan adapter on the Ice Hole.  My Sunon had a 4pin molex already attached so I opted to use that instead.  Drawing too much power through the 3pin may be a bit too much for my taste.  Also, the 80mm isn't at all fast or loud so lowering the voltage may hinder its performance.

   Here are some shots in total darkness.  On the instruction manual, which is really not much use, they mention that the adapter may sometimes improve temperature performance.  They were pretty good in predicting this, since the adapter did nothing to help out temperatures.  They stayed the same as they were when I had the heatsink using its stock 60mm fan.  I could have use a higher powered fan, but then again, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of a fan adapter right?  We're looking for a quiet unit here, which is what it tries to deliver.

   Overall, the adapter is eye candy.  It isn't going to give you a drastic drop in temperature and noise, in fact nothing was changed.  Keep in mind though, you're not going to benefit from the eye candy if you have a stock case.  You need at least a window to see this thing.  The adapter is not too big, so it shouldn't block anything in your case.  It is always a good idea to measure first before going in for the purchase.  At $34.95, the choice is pretty much yours.  Its a vanity thing in my opinion : )

   Thanks to PC Mutants for sending us a sample.  They're a new shop that has these in stock, so if you're in the market for a light show, get 'em there!


  • Easy to install
  • Dipswitches to adjust LEDs and Fan settings
  • Lots of screws!
  • Looks kick ass in the dark

  • Cons:

  • Not much temperature change
  • Might be a bit too much load to put on a 3pin Mobo head

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