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-- Aluminum Case Round Up
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2001-11-15
-- Price: ~ $99 - 200 USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ] 3 4 5 6 7
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The first aluminum case we took a look at was a smaller version of this unit.  We turned that one into our LAN case because of it small and light weight structure.

Here are some basic specs (Obtained from PCMods):

  • 4 front mounted USB ports
  • 100% Aluminum Construction 
  • Size: 492(L)x210(W)x450(H)mm 
  • Total 12 device bays: four 5.25", three3.5" and five hidden 3.5". 3 
  • 3 X 80mm fans provide excellent airflow 
  • Supported Motherboards: P4, ATX, MICRO-ATX (Max Mobo Size 12 x 9.6)

One of the coolest features I would say about the case, is the addition of four (4) USB ports in the front of the case.  Ever fumble around with a digital camera, compact flash reader, USB Mouse and Keyboard all at once?  This is a god send to have them up front and ready for use.

Here is the PSU bracket along with thumb screws for each piece of the case.  The PC60 comes equipped with an easy to use slide out motherboard tray fastened by, you guessed it, thumb screws.  One draw back with the PC60 is the inability to remove the top cover.  Not really the biggest gripe, but that would have made it easier to rip a blowhole up there.  If you're real handy, get a drill like me and remove those rivets and install some more thumb screws.

The accessories bag is actually quite stocked.  A large assortment of nipple stand offs and lots of extra screws.

This is a shot of the panel right above the 5.25" drive cage.  That white plastic you see that lines the edges help lessen the chance of cutting your finger.  You know what, I think someone forgot to round the edges here beforehand...The plastic comes off way to easily, it isn't fastened on with any type of adhesive.  

Also take notice to the large panel that goes across the top of the case.  To the left is where the power supply would be hidden, I will assume this is to cover up some of the wires near the top from the PSU.  Good idea, but it sure looks strange.  I did line up the side panel to see if a window kit would get blocked by that aluminum piece.  Most window kits should clear it and show the insides pretty well.

As usual, an extra hidden 3.5" drive cage is included that is removable.  A total of five (5) devices can be thrown on that cage!  And right behind are two 80mm Adda fans blowing real hard to cool them down.

The three (3) external 3.5" drive bays are also removable, secured here by three (3) thumb screws.  To the right of the 3.5" bays is Lian Li's own mini fan bus.  It controls both intake fans in the front by varying voltage going to them.  Higher settings causes the fans to spin faster while a lower voltage lowers it.  A very nice addition to an already nice case.  Only problem is, to get to this fan bus you need to crack open the front bezel.  Not a problem as I consider Lian Li's front bezel to be the easiest to open compared to every case that I've come across.  Also included is the mesh filter that covers the fans.  Durable and washable I believe.

The slide out motherboard tray is easy to use, not much force needed here folks.  I can pull this apart with my toes and still not receive any cuts.  Our test rig fitted just fine on this tray, which just made installation so much simpler.

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