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-- Speeze Socket Cooler Round Up
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2001-12-19
-- Price: ~ $N/A USD
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One of the nice points about these coolers is nice solid build.  They aren't too heavy and are easy to apply.  The clips align correctly with our test motherboard.

   We of course scraped off the thermal pad that was on the bottom.  The base has a very smooth surface, not exactly lapped to a mirror finish, but smooth nonetheless.

   Our trusty old test rig is as follows:

  • IWill KK266 Socket A Motherboard

  • AMD Thunderbird 800Mhz CPU

  • Crucial PC133 CL2 Ram, 128MB

   The test will consist of an idle temperature check and a full load temperature check.  The full load will be accomplished by using the RC5 program and running 3DMark 2001 for 30 minutes.  Arctic Silver II Thermal Paste used without a doubt.

   Here are some results:


AMD Tbird 800 Stock

AMD Tbird 800 @ 1003 (1.85V)

Ambient Temp. ~ 27C Idle Full Load Idle Full Load
ThermalRight SK-6 31C 34C 36C 40C
GlobalWin CAK38 34C 37C 38C 42C
ThermalTake Dragon Orb 3 35C 37C 38C 43C
Vantec CCK-6035D 32.5C 35.5C 36C 42C
Swiftech MCX370-0A 31.3C 33.7C 34.3C 38.5C
SVC Golden Gate 40 33.5C 36C 39.5C 43.5C
Thermal Take Volcano 5 35.9C 37.5C 39C 43.8C
Thermal Take Volcano 6Cu 35.6C 37.4C 38.6C 43.3C
Thermal Take Volcano 6Cu+ 35.2C 37C 38.2C 43C
Bits Power NP60D 31.3C 35.2C 36.7C 42.4C
Bits Power NP80D 31C 34.8C 36.5C 42.4C
 Dynatron DC1206BM0 31C 33.5C 37.2C 40.6C
Vantec CCk-6027D 31.8C 34.9C 35.7C 41.5C
Alpha PAL8045 31.5C 32.8C 34.8C 38.1C
Dynatron DC1206BML 35.8C 38.4C 40C 44.2C
Dr. Thermal TI-V77L 35.9C 39C 40.4C 44.5C
Dr. Thermal TI-V77N 34.7C 37.2C 39.5C 42.7C
Dr. Thermal TI-V86N 33.4C 36.5C 38.8C 42.2C
Speeze Big Rock 33.7C 35.6C 37.1C 42.4C
Speeze Super Rock 32.8C 34.8C 36.4C 39.8C
Speeze Copper Rock 32.9C 35.1C 36.9C 40C

   I guess size does matter in some cases.  The Super Rock cools the absolute best out of the three we've seen.  The surprise is that the copper based unit didn't take the crown.  Quite possibly the measly 60mm 23.10CFM fan is holding the unit back.  Although this is the case, the coolers did perform quite well across the board.  The temperature marks do quite well compared to the other coolers we've tested.

   I haven't seen many places stock these units, but I did see some major retailers have them available for as low as $10 each!  That's a steal if you ask me, why bother buying an OEM unit? 

   Thanks to William over at Fanner USA for sending us these samples.  We'll also have one of their P4 units up for a review soon.


  • Good build
  • A LOT of models to choose from
  • AMD Approved

  • Cons:

    • Clip is a little tricky to get on at first

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