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-- Computers Divine Inwin Alaska Case Mod
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2001-09-06
-- Price: ~ $500.00 USD
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GideonTech.com first started off as a how-to site on case modifications about a year and half ago.  Since then, we have branched off to to reviews and other hardware related items.  We still keep our roots in the ground by producing guides every so often.  Today we will be doing a review on a complete case mod done by a very old player in the case modification scene, Computers Divine.

One of the companies that first influenced our site was Computers Divine.  Formed back in 1996, they were the first company to provide air brushing on computer cases.  Two years later, they created the first 'Cool Case' with the works.  This was 5 years ago and today they have mastered the modding technique and created some of the most gorgeous cases I have ever seen.

I contacted Roman, the owner of CDI about getting us a custom built GideonTech.com box.  If every owner of every company out there is like him, reviews and guides would be as smooth as silk.  After our request, two weeks later on my doorstep was their custom made GideonTech Inwin Alaska Full Tower Case.

The case itself is an Inwin Q500 Full Tower, it features 10-bays, 5-5.25", 1-3.5", 4-3.5"(hidden).  It measures a roomy 23 5/8" X  7 7/8" X 17 1/16" in size.  Now if you need anymore space, you might as well do away with a case and mount your system on your bedroom wall.  With most full towers, you get the common drab default beige color.  Nowadays you get to add some windows and neon and really spice it up a bit.

   Here is where the beauty of what CDI creates comes through.  They've been working on their air brush technique for the past 6 years and its about to go through its very own Patent.  We chose for our box, a red marble look.  It compliments our red themed site, sounds like a good idea to me.

   There are a few different packages you can choose from in CDI's Inwin Alaska case mods, they  range from $235 to $400.  A custom air brush on these individual pacakge will run about $100.  Our custom case is the Alask (3) with a custom air brushing with our site logo on the side panel and on the front bezel.  Here is a list of what is included:

  • Custom Air Brushed Inwin Alaska Case
  • 4 - 120mm Panaflo Whisper fans, 68.9 cfms, 30dbs!
  • 2 - 80mm Whisper Panaflo fans, 33 cfms, 28.9 dbs!
  • Cliff's Fanbus
  • PCMods Baybus
  • 1.44 Floppy
  • Evercool Hard Drive Cooler
  • Addtronics Luxury Casters w/brakes
  • Stock Support legs
  • 10" Neon strip light
  • Re-inforced Heavy Duty Plexi-Glass Window
  • Safety Lock Window trim
  • 4 - 120mm custom black fan grills
  • 1 - 80mm custom black fan grill
  • Thumbscrews
  • 300W ATX PSU (add $45 for Enermax 365W PSU)

   All the external components like the floppy drive and bay cooler are all painted red marble to match the rest of the case.  No need to worry about it not matching up correctly.  They also do face plate painting so your cd-rom drives will match up also.  We didn't have enough time to send it out and have them painted in time for the review, but they definitely do this service.  

   One of sweetest parts of this case that I like is the addition of 4! 120mm Panaflo whisper quiet fans.  I am not lying when I say it is quieter than my 2 60mm YS Tech CPU fans.  Maximum airflow obtainable, with the least amount of noise.  We are looking at about 356CFM total of air flow, in a near silent case.

   Let's take a deeper look at the nitty gritty of putting one of these behemoths together.

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