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-- DigitalDoc5 by Macpower Peripherals
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: merlinicorpus
-- Posted on: 2003-07-24
-- Price: ~ $44.95 USD
-- Pages: 1 2 3 4 [ 5 ] 6
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It was about this point where I ran into trouble.  Normally, I would never, ever connect my CPU fan to any kind of fan control device, and I would recommend the same to anybody.  However, since I was a little shy on fans to test, and this was going to be a temporary setup I hooked the CPU fan into the DigiDoc.  This nearly turned into a fatal mistake.  When you first start up the DD5, its default settings turn none of the fans on. Why on earth they would do this is totally beyond me.  Common sense would dictate that defaults should be all fans on until they are intentionally set to be turned off.  Now, I saw that my CPU fan wasnít spinning, so I hit the handy ďforceĒ button, which overrides all of the settings and turns all of the fans on, and problem was solved.  Unfortunately, I didnít go ahead and set the values for fan control, and that night a thunderstorm knocked the power out.  When my sister powered up my computer the next morning, my CPU held out a full 4 minutes before windows blue screened, and my sister called me into the room to see what was wrong.  By this time the screen had went to black, and there was the smell of burning dust in the room.  I killed the computer by turning off my power supply, and when I touched my HSF I literally burnt myself.  Luckily, I simply waited for everything to cool back down again, and it all worked fine, but it very easily could have been different.  So take a lesson from me, never hook a CPU fan into any kind of fan control device, and be sure you have your DD5 fully set up before you leave it.

Another gripe I had was the fact that I canít use my software monitoring for my fans at the same time as the DigiDoc.  I wish they would come up with some sort of splitter so I could use both.  That way I can look at MBM and see my fan speeds without having to crane my neck to look at the front of my computer.  Also, my BIOS doesnít like the fact that it canít tell if my CPU fan is running or not (a feature that could have saved me from my little scare had I not disabled it for this review).

Following the trend of inexplicable design choices, the engineers decided for some reason that the back light color should be an eye searing shade of orange.  I donít suppose it would be too bad if my other LEDs were orange, but I cant imagine it fitting in well most color schemes.  Green or blue would have been much better choices.  However, you can change this by following the very nice article about switching out the LEDs that Hubstack wrote for us.   (http://www.gideontech.com/content/articles/199/1)

   Although, there is one benefit to the color of the LCD, itís very easy to read it.  Itís also set up in a very logical manner, and you can tell exactly whatís going on without having to look very hard.

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