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-- Samsung ML1200 Laser Printer
-- Category: Review
-- Posted by: GideonX
-- Posted on: 2002-04-04
-- Price: ~ $200.00 USD
-- Pages: 1 [ 2 ] 3 4
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   The printer is supported under most popular operating systems.  This includes Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT, Linux (Redhat 6.0) Macintosh OS 8.0 and later.  I used the printer on a system running Windows XP Professional.  The drivers are already included in the OS, so all I had to do was plug it in and turn it on.  All drivers were taken care of automagically without my intervention.  It's as plug and play as you can get.

   The back of the printer has a power switch, a 3 prong power port and the data transfer ports.  The data transfer can be used with either a parallel printer cable or a USB cable.  I opted to use the USB cable since I had an LCD plugged into my parallel port.  Since the printer uses a 3 prong standard power connector, you can grab any of those power cables and power this unit.  This is if you lose the one included, just a FYI on that.

   I did peel the tape off, I didn't forget.  Notice that switch right there, if you flip it down, the paper will exit out the front without the aid of a tray.  This is in case you have some kind of strange paper shape going and you need it out the front, otherwise, it'll exit through the top of the unit.

   This is what's included in the box, you get the two toners and a bag of paper work.  You also get a driver CD-ROM, which I didn't bother using.  Now before I did anything, I looked for some manuals to get this going.  I noticed a large quick start guide.  I started looking for another manual because, well, I'm used to reading through large thick stacks of paper to work a printer.  Well, that large sheet is all you get:

   To be honest, that is the best quick start guide I've ever used.  It explained how to put the toner in and how to turn the unit on.  Which is exactly what I needed, there's nothing else I wanted to really do with a laser printer right?  Why confuse people, that's all I'm saying.

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Page: 1 [ 2 ] 3 4

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