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-- Case Hacking
-- By: GideonX

   Seeing that so many people have decided to mod their own cases, I decided to do something to my own full tower. Summer has just started and temperatures in my case shot up to above the 95F mark, which I think is too hot. People suggested turning the ac on, but that sure would waste a lot of electricity. Shooting down all those ideas, I went for the other suggestion, making blowholes and intake fans.

   I chose the Antec KS188 because of its great price and its spacious interior. Here is a pic of what the case before the mod looks like :


   This is what will be hiding inside the case :
  • Asus P3B-F 1005 Beta Bios
  • P3 550e @ 825Mhz (150FSB) with an Alpha P3125
  • 2X128mb Infineon PC-133 Ram
  • Asus V6600 Geforce SGram
  • Sound Blaster Live! Value
  • SMC 1211 10/100 NIC
  • Cnet 56k Modem
  • Adaptec 2930 SCSI Adapter
  • 8.4 WD Caviar HD
  • 16.8 IBM Deskstar HD
  • Hitachi 5X DVDrom
  • Ricoh 6X4X24 SCSI RW
   Now on with the tools and supplies I will be using. Here they are :
  • Dremel Multi-Pro Variable (Model #395)
  • Safety Goggles
  • Work Gloves
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Sunon 1 X 120mm with metal grill
  • Sunon 2 X 80mm with metal grills
  • Antec 1 X 92mm with metal grill
  • YStech 1 X 60mm with metal grill
   Many people say that the Dremel is hard to control and isn't the best suited for this job. Totally false! It provides the best control and the most precise cutting you'll ever get. Only pre-requisite you must have to use this tool is that you have to be patient. If you decide to move the Dremel to fast around a hole, you'll get a very nasty slip and cut. So TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't want to ruin that nice clean case of yours! Oh, by the way, please get the steel reinforced cut-off wheels. I tried with the ones they give you with the kit, and it broke off in 2 minutes of heavy use and almost took my eyes out.
   Always measure, measure and measure. Be precise in the area you are cutting and draw lines with a pencil. It'll save you headaches from cutting out odd looking shapes in your case. Make sure you take out all the components in your case. You definitely don't want a fireworks special coming out of your case after putting your computer back together.

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