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-- Online Interview
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1

We are very excited to have had a chance to sit down and chat with one of the premier PC modding sites on the net,!  Started not too long ago by two mod lunatics, they have changed and helped shaped case modification into a mainstream topic.  Here is a glimpse of their creation, as told to us by one of their founders, BJ.

Q:  What is

BJ - is the result of something that we felt needed to be done. We saw the emerging case mod movement and said to ourselves that this is an area that we could bring some value to.

Q:  How did you guys start out providing pc mods for the people? 

BJ - We started out very small but grew VERY quickly. We began by taking paypal orders through email. We didn't have much to start with but everything seems to just fall into place. We had a few things going for us in the beginning and were able to capitalize on them. A fair amount of luck was involved. That and hard work : )

Q:  What is your day like at work for 

BJ - Up at the crack of dawn answering emails, taking pictures, working on our up and coming website, dealing with manufacturing and new product concerns, putting out the fires that constantly pop up, and generally trying to keep everyone happy and satisfied with their decision to give a shot. I normally work between 10 and 18 hours a day.

Q:  How old are you guys? 

BJ - I am 27 and Carl is 29. We have 12 people that work with us that range from 60 down to 18 though.

Q:  If isn't your day job, what do you guys do? (pimp? j/k!) 

BJ - Pimping really didn't work out, not enough job security : 0 Just kidding. is a full time gig for everyone involved. It wasn't always but it turned that way in a big fat hurry.

Q:  What is the most popular item from your site? 

BJ - All said and done, it would have to be the rounded cables, bus devices, and window kits. A few of our items would probably sell better, but we have a hard time keeping them in stock.

Q:  Do you guys get frustrated when you send out kits for review to hardware sites and they never seem to get a review up on time? : ) 

BJ - It is definitely frustrating but it doesn't happen too often. We have a few sites that we deal with all of the time and we cut them a lot of slack when it comes to the reviews but most of the time everyone is really prompt about posting what they think. Usually it goes one of two ways: We send they post, or we send and they disappear : (

Q:  Any incredible/horrible customer stories? 

BJ - Only a few <knock on wood>. 99.9% of the time everything is sunshine and rainbows, but every once in a while we have a problem. Did have a guy in Hawaii that we screwed up his pc60 when we cut it for the blow hole. We had to pay 2nd day air back from Hawaii, and send him a brand new one. To make a long story short, we sent pc60's back and forth three or four times until we finally got it right. Seemed like we saved every mistake we were going to make for the year on this one customer. Needless to say he was irate but we made it right in the end and he didn't have to pay a dime for all of the shipping back and forth. In the end he was a happy customer, which is all we ever wanted.

Q:  Do your wives or GFs (pick one) mod their cases too? 

BJ - Not currently. My Girlfriend actually uses the very first case I ever laid a dremel to. It is an old Cyrix 686 clone box and the metal doors on it have to be a least " thick. Would have had better luck with a blow torch or a chain saw J Great little machine though and she loves it. Won't let me give her a new one.

Q:  What do your personal cases look like? 

BJ - In the beginning I used to get a new case every couple of days. I was so excited about all of our new products as they came out that I was constantly swapping my stuff out. I have finally settled down and kept the same machine. I run a pc12 with a round smoked window, blue cold cathode, baybus, and 120mm blow hole with a biohazard grill on it. Nothing too fancy but I think it looks nice and clean. I also hooked up the phantom cd drive mod on the front.

Q:  Do you guys plan to open up a store front? 

BJ - Definitely. We are going to start with an outlet store down in Florida and see how it does. If it works out we are going the McDonalds route : ) One on every corner.

Q:  When you first started, did you expect this type of acceptance by the community? 

BJ - Yes and no. We understood that there was a need for and we were fairly certain that it would be a viable business venture and would fulfill a need but there were a few things we didn't expect. One thing that was a surprise was the reaction we received from some of the more hard core members of the modding community. We made the mistake of jumping out on some of the forums and announcing ourselves. Well, needless to say, loyalties run deep in some of these circles and they let us know that we hadn't earned it. They didn't necessarily see us as a friend. We made some adjustments and stayed out of the forums so as not to cause any disturbance. Besides, forums are for the sharing of knowledge, not the shameless pimping of commercial products. Unless of course everyone asks for it J I think by now we have earned their respect and showed that we are not just a fly-by-night upstart trying to make a quick buck. Our hearts are into this and we believe in it.

Q:  Any insight as to what the next 'big' thing is? 

BJ - Not to clearly right now. I personally feel that it will be the completely silent, but heavily over-clocked, small form factor case that is very aesthetically pleasing. We are constantly looking to bring other technologies to bear on the case modding community and we will continue to do so. Hopefully the next big thing is just around the corner and will have the opportunity to be involved.

BJ McCurley 
Co-founder -

   I'd just want to thank for actually replying to my questions : ) They have supported GideonTech since they first opened up shop and we thank them for all they have done for us.  A big thanks and only wishing the best for them and the modding community in the future!

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